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Apr 29 2018

My GP Seattle Experience

Overall, modern is a wide-open field. In GP Hartford, Ironworks Combo was the big winner. In GP Sydney, we saw B/R Hollow One as the big winner. We’ve seen Bogles, Humans, and Robots win it all.

I have been a Modern player from the beginning of the format and I have enjoy it over the years. I have played in standard events throughout that time, but I primarily focused on Modern. However, I want to talk about my time in the home of Wizards of the Coast, SEATTLE.

You see, I am from the South. I have only lived in Louisiana, Texas, and Alabama for my whole life. Texas is my most recent stop because I was stationed here in Texas for the Army. I understand what being a Southerner is about. I love Southern food, especially Cajun cooking. I don’t have the typical Southern accent, but I know what the phrases are… for the most part. However, I loved Seattle. The people I met were amazing. I met a lot of locals and I got to know about some of the local eateries. And, by the way, I have never had a good Indian cuisine until I got to Seattle. Regardless, I love Seattle.

So, when i arrived at Seattle, I got settled in at the AirBnB location near the convention center. I went directly to the convention center so I can get right into the competitive mode. And I sucked at the Last Chance Trials. I mean, I bombed hard. I made it to the finals of one and lost, but I did not win any after that. I thought my Mardu Aggro deck was it, but I changed that the night before the event. I know, I know… DO NOT CHANGE MY DECK AT THE LAST MINUTE. I hear people screaming at me now, but I felt I could do better if I stripped one color and made it dual color. That is when I settled on Rakdos. B/R Aggro was my choice and I was sticking to it. I had to stick to it because I submitted my decklist online. No going back now.

Day 1, Match 1 vs. Mono-red Aggro

I easily took game one and lost game 2. Game three involved me destroying a lot of his creatures and taking the game into the long game. I had sideboarded in 2 [card]Vraska’s Contempt[/card] and 2 [card]Abrade[/card] and I sided out 2 [card]Kari Zev, Skyship Raider[/card], 1 [card]Chandra, Torch of Defiance[/card] and 1 [card]Ahn-Crop Crasher[/card]. By turn four, he got out [card]Hazoret the Fervent[/card] and was empty handed. I had an exerted Ahn-Crop Crasher and a [card]Bomat Courier[/card], tapped. In hand, I had both Vraska’s Contempt and 2 [card]Unlicensed Disintegration[/card]. I had the mana on turn 4 to exile his Hazoret and I killed his other creatures when they came out. Game 3 victory and Match win. 1-0

Day 1, Match 2 vs. W/U God-Pharoah’s Gift

I took him out in two. I had one, two, three, four drop. He could not compete at that quick pace. He could not [card]Settle the Wreckage[/card] or [card]Fumigate[/card], nor could he [card]Cast Out[/card] or [card]Ixalan’s Binding[/card] enough to beat me. Victory goes to me. 2-0

Day 1, Match 3 vs. U/R God-Pharaoh’s Gift

I lost both games easily because I could not figure out the game play on game 1. I had a plan for game two, but I lost out in the long game and he GPG me. 2-1

Day 1, Match 4 vs. W/B Approach

Game 1 was a loss for me. Game 2 was a victory for me because I [card]Lost Legacy[/card] his [card]Approach of the Second Sun[/card] and I beat him handily. Game 3 was a loss because he was able to Lost Legacy my Lost Legacy and then he cast his two Approach to win. 2-2. Brink.

Day 1, Match 5 vs. Mono-red Aggro

I won in two games. He just could not keep creatures out with my B/R removal. 3-2. Brink.

Day 1, match 6 vs. U/R God-Pharaoh’s Gift.

I went into this match seeing a replay and I was able to Abrade all of his [card]God-Pharaoh’s Gift[/card] to take game 1. I lost game 2. Game 3 went down to being able to cast Lost Legacy and I was unable to cast it with his counter ability. 3-3 drop.

I did achieve my Personal Best in my record at a GP. Now, I am looking for a Day 2 showing. My next GP will be in Portland for Modern. That will be in December. I may even go to Atlanta GP for Modern if I can afford it. I hope to be able to play in both. I have from now until November to pay for both events, hotels (AirBnB) and flights. I think I can accomplish that. if not, then I will look at going to Mexico City for some Limited action and play in the GP there, in September.

Hope to see you at any of these events.

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