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Jared Mancil

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  1. Cromat and Friends — 8 comments
  2. House Rules – Two Headed Giant EDH — 4 comments
  3. It does what? Vol. 1 — 3 comments
  4. Scion of the Ur-Dragon — 1 comment
  5. My Pics For Top 10 EDH Cards From Theros — 1 comment

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House Rules – Two Headed Giant EDH

My local play group meets every Tuesday night to play EDH for a few hours. We usually play free-for-all, which usually devolves in a political shenanigan filled extravaganza. Lately we started throwing around the idea of trying out some alternative formats top mix things up. About half of our play group consists of people new …

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It does what? Vol. II

Today’s card is one that I love playing early and then just letting it chill. If your EDH meta is anything like mine wrath gets played alllllllll of the time. You finally get your board set up and then someone plays wrath and just smiles, knowing they have thrown a wrench into your plans. Few …

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It does what? Vol. 1

There are so many cards in the MTG library. So. freaking. many. Coming from a research background I spend a great deal of time researching interactions and answers to problems that generate quality. The longer you play EDH the more you understand that cards need to have the ability to answer more than one threat …

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Cromat and Friends

I love 5 color decks. I have ran several different version of Scion over the years, and with the recent addition of gods, felt that it was a good time to add a new build to the arsenal. I wanted to make use of gods and planeswalers, along with some other bonkers cards I never …

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Starting A New Format – Pauper EDH

So I am at my local store for FNM a few weeks ago, and I see a few guys playing EDH at one of the corner tables. Seeing as EDH is by far my favorite format I strolled over to check out what commanders they were running and see if they had some new …

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Standard BOTG Top 10

1. This guy is going to break standard. Mono white, WU Heroic, Junk/Naya Auras, and Naya Midrange are all viable and strong with this guy at the helm. While most people are talking about his ability giving him the serious power I think it really comes down to Vigilance. The fact that he can attack …

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After seeing Dan’s Tron deck I figured I would throw mine on the table as well. Much like Dan I did not feel the desire to run the same fare as the other Tron decks, though I did want to use creatures. I knew that I wanted to use somethink in the to range …

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Modern Elf Warrior

I took a break from EDH for a little while, and started playing around with the modern format. Pod and Tron are really strong but, to me at least, kind of sucked the fun out of my local play group. So I began looking at what I had laying around and realized I have a …

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Szadek, Lord of Secrets

This is my baby, my pride and joy, my go to in a new EDH group. It is centered around my favorite mechanic, and houses some of my most favorite cards from the entire MTG catalog. This is and the Dimir special: MIll. I love the mechanic, but I love watching my opponent’s face as …

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Scion of the Ur-Dragon

It has taken me long enough, but I am finally here with my first EDH deck article. I love this format. EDH, is, in my opinion, the most accessible format in MTG, and the one that can be tailored to fit the competitive nature of any play group. Standard is fun and exciting with …

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