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Dan Carroll

One day, I will build a working deck around Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded. Towards it I roll, the all-destroying but unconquering planeswalker; to the last I grapple with it; from hell's heart I stab at it; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at it.

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The Mad Mod – Shaman Tribal

Today I feel like building a tribal deck. And stop, I know what you’re gonna say… “But Dan, this is a budget column. Doesn’t a tribal deck require all sorts of expensive cards like , , or ?”

And I see why you’re confused. You think we’re building one of those tier 1 tribal decks. …

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The Mad Mod – Rakdos, Lord of Riots


Sorry, that’s a habit I picked up for when a demon is the lord of burning things.

I recently asked some of the readership to pick a card they’d like to see in a future column. Out of five options, the overwhelming winner was Rakdos, Lord of …

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The Mad Mod – Golgari Dredge

I’m sorry; I think I dozed off for a minute there. Where were we?

If you were a reader of the now late and lamented Yogurt Decks, you might have been asking yourself, “what happened to that” for the last six months or so. Or, alternately, you might have shrugged and said, “what’s for lunch?” …

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Yogurt Decks – Storm

Storm, storm, storm. I’m legally obligated to say it three times, because that’s pretty much the whole idea of the deck, isn’t it? You take your spell, you cast, cast, cast, you draw, draw, draw, and if your opponent doesn’t have an answer, you win in one move. It’s unfair, it’s often non-interactive, and it …

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Yogurt Decks – Balance Combo

Today we’re going to do something different. Instead of taking a deck and creating a budget version, we’re going to take two decks, introduce them to each other, put some smooth jazz on, and see if they don’t get together and make a little deck baby. Like most of my columns, the experience will probably …

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Yogurt Decks – Caw Blade

If you played Standard during the Zendikar/Scars of Mirrodin rotation, you don’t need any introduction to this deck. Because you’ve played against it already. Over and over and over and over again. Because you remember a time when every single deck in Standard was Caw Blade.

But we may have some readers who are newer …

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Yogurt Decks – Gift Control

: it’s a powerhouse of a card. It got a reprint in Modern Masters, which helped the price along a little (although no promises for the future). And the relatively low price is thrown into sharp relief by the fact that the rest of a Gift Control deck costs slightly more than the GDP of …

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Yogurt Decks – 8 Rack

Perhaps you’ve noticed by now, I’m a bit of a janky combo builder. So I was thrilled to watch the streaming coverage of Pro Tour Valencia, and see that the (at least temporary) death of Jund, and the associated relative absence of and , resulted in a massive surge of combo decks. And all of …

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Yogurt Decks – Zoo

Let’s get topical, everybody!

As you probably know, this month saw a round of new bannings and unbannings in Modern. And among the unbanned was our good friend . For those of you who don’t remember a time when Wild Nacatl was the centerpiece of a deck, you’ll be glad to know it enables an …

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Yogurt Decks – Glittering Glare

When Born of the Gods spoilers started rolling in, and the Inspired mechanic was revealed to the public, the first thought I had was of an deck. I saw and thought to myself, “if a couple more Inspired cards of that caliber are in the set, I’m gonna have to put that deck together.”

Then …

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