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Tom Dawson

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Name: Tom Dawson
Date registered: September 17, 2014
URL: http://ontologicalgeek.com


Tom Dawson is an avid video gamer, Commander player, a recently first-time father and big fan of talking about himself in the third person. He currently writes articles both here and at the Ontological Geek, where he attempts to pollute the world of serious game criticism with ramblings about Magic.

Latest posts

  1. Uncommon Sense – Goblin Matron — January 23, 2015
  2. Uncommon Sense: Ashes to Ashes — November 20, 2014
  3. Uncommon Sense – Burnished Hart — September 30, 2014
  4. Uncommon Sense – Celestial Flare — September 19, 2014

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  1. Uncommon Sense – Celestial Flare — 4 comments
  2. Uncommon Sense – Burnished Hart — 4 comments
  3. Uncommon Sense: Ashes to Ashes — 2 comments
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Jan 23 2015

Uncommon Sense – Goblin Matron

Welcome back, one and all. Today’s spotlight is on an efficient creature tutor that can easily and cheaply pull up a combo piece, haste granter, land destruction, team-wide buff or force multiplier…and it’s in red!


Not known for its tutors, and especially not for efficient tutors, red is the easiest colour with which to …

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Nov 20 2014

Uncommon Sense: Ashes to Ashes

Welcome back, friends. I know I’ve been lax lately in my quest to bring you the best of hidden gems, buried treasure and forgotten pirate gold that is Uncommon Sense – if you need a target for your ire, please direct all complaints to my five-week-old son, who will be happy to address your concerns …

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Sep 30 2014

Uncommon Sense – Burnished Hart

Welcome back to Uncommon Sense! I’m excited today to be talking about not just a great uncommon but a great card, a real stand-out among utility creatures – the ! One of my personal favourite cards from Theros block, and in fact one of my all-time top cards, the poor unfortunate Hart gets nowhere near …

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Sep 19 2014

Uncommon Sense – Celestial Flare

Hi there, I’m Tom. I’m new around here. I’m a dedicated EDH player who loves to take “useless” cards and make them useful. In this series, I’ll be looking at supposedly unplayable or forgotten cards and trying to find a way to slot them into Commander decks for fun and profit. If you have a …

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