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Nick Wallace

Nick Wallace (Wally D.) writes for EDHREC in addition to being an author here on MTGCasualPlay.com. His favorite brews include cool Commander decks with a touch of jankiness and cold, frosty craft beers. In addition to writing articles, Wally D. can also be found playing Commander on the MTG Casual Play YouTube channel.

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Aminatou, the Fateshifter Decklist

Hey all! Wally D here. Here’s what’s going on with MTG Casual Play. In a nutshell, not a lot. At the moment I’m knee deep in Dungeons & Dragons content creation with my Wally DM YouTube channel and I am writing a supplementary D&D Puzzle book to help DMs bring super cool non-combat encounters to …

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Reserved List Cards for EDH Commander – Karn, Silver Golem

Welcome back to our proactive exercise of filling our trade binders with gold, jank and junk from Magic the Gathering’s™ infamous reserved list. Our goal, is to collect, play and stash cards that will never be reprinted by Wizards of the Coast® barring a complete meltdown or apocalypse of the game of Magic itself. The …

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Reserved List Cards for EDH Commander – Volrath’s Stronghold

Do you know that the best of friends can go weeks or even months without talking and then call one another out of the blue and pick right up where they left off? It’s as if time had never passed. Sure, the conversation can be a bit lengthy since there is a lot of catching …

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MTG Names of Four Color Combinations

Commander 2016 is here and it won’t be long before we will be able to get our grubby little paws on four color legendary commanders! I have already started writing my top 10 set review article for C16 but I wanted to take a quick detour first and explore the naming conventions of four color …

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Reserved List Cards for EDH Commander #3 – Survival of the Fittest

Hey folks, thank you for joining me on my third installment of adding Reserved List Cards to our EDH collection. I have to be honest with you, I really miss the TCG Low Pricing structure. The new Market Price on TCG seemed like a good idea, but I am finding cards anywhere from $3 to …

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Glaring Spotlight 10 – Heat Shimmer

Sometimes I forget how underrated a particular card can be, that is, until I get an opportunity to create an epic play. Quick story. I was playing Purphoros in a three player pod. My opponents were Angry Omanath and an Animar combo deck that is downright fast and disgusting. Turn four or five and we …

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Top 10 Kaladesh Cards for EDH Commander

Well hello readers, welcome to MTGCasualPlay.com and my Top 10 Kaladesh Cards for EDH! As always, my rankings take into account new cards (no reprints) and playability with regards to fitting into a wide range of decks as opposed to niche, corner-case goodness. With that being said, I can’t overlook sheer power either, so I’ll …

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Reserved List Cards for EDH Commander #2 – Yavimaya Hollow

Hey folks, thank you for joining me on my second installment of adding Reserved List Cards to our EDH collection. Holy fireballs, a lot has happened since I published my first finance article a month ago. We have had several more buyouts along with speculation on what cards Craig and Martin Shrekli may be targeting …

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Panic Button – Impulse MTG Reserve List Card Buys for EDH

Supply and Demand can make collectors and players do funny things. With all of the recent MTG Buyouts of Reserved List cards I have been feeling impulsive with my Paypal account as of late. I think my first bead of sweat appeared after watching a card I have coveted for a few years now, , …

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EDH Commander 5 Player Games – Star Magic and Bang!

Hello there card drawers, welcome to MTGCasualPlay.com. Today I would like to share with you a couple of games that our playgroup dives into on EDH night when we have five players at the table. The games that you will find here is like the casino games that you can play at https://www.666casino.com/sv when in terms …

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