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Sep 11 2012

Wally D.

Horde Magic – the Zombie Apocalypse

UPDATE: November 2014

Well, here it is… the Expert Level Zombie EDH Horde Deck. Beware, this zombie horde will eat a four player EDH game for breakfast… Unbeatable? Nah, there are always the “Horde Hoser” Cards such as Angelic Arbiter, Crawlspace and Moat, but most EDH decks not sideboarding in cards to defeat the …

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Apr 05 2012

Wally D.

EDH Zombie Horde Card Rulings

Zombie Horde Decklist

To review a 100 card decklist for the Zombie Horde, please follow one of these links:

Zombie Apocalypse – Zombie Horde Deck for 4 Expert Level EDH Survivors

Card Rulings vs the Zombie Horde Deck

Below is a list of rulings that our Magic EDH Group, MTG League of Casual Play, have …

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