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Jan 01 2016

Rules Committee Leak? Rule Changes to the EDH Format

Welcome to MTGCasualPlay.com! My name is Wally D. and I am an avid EDH player. My playgroup and most of the local game stores in my area utilize the ban list and rules set forth by the EDH Rules Committee for our local Commander events. While today’s article was prompted in direct response to a …

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Nov 24 2015

Multiplayer Madness 28 – Commander 2015, Part 3

Welcome to the third part of my Commander 2015 review! While the first part dealt with white and green and can be found here, part two was all about Dimir (blue and black) in case you’re interested. Today though, we’ll be talking about red, gold, artifacts and lands. Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

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Nov 17 2015

Multiplayer Madness 27 – Commander 2015, Part 2

Welcome to the second part of my Commander 2015 review! The first part dealt with white and green and can be found here in case you’re interested. Today’s agenda is all about blue and black though. Please be aware that I always evaluate cards from a multiplayer perspective as I’m a multiplayer Magic enthusiast at …

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Nov 12 2015

Multiplayer Madness 26 – Commander 2015, Part 1

Welcome, dear readers, to the column that’s all things multiplayer here on MtGCasualPlay.com!

As the title may suggest (and very subtly at that!), Commander 2015 is going to be today’s topic, with the colors white and green in particular. Blue and black will follow in part 2 while part 3 will be dealing with …

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Oct 02 2015

September 2015 Commander EDH Banned List – Battle for Zendikar

Like clockwork, the EDH Rules Committee provides us with a Banned List and or Rules Changes for our format shortly after prerelease events. A day after Battle for Zendikar’s prerelease weekend, committee member Ban Ki-moon posted that no changes will be made to the Banned List or the Rules for EDH/Commander. I can dig it. My …

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Aug 26 2015

Let’s Get In Character for EDH

Simple question: Does an [card]Azami, Lady of Scrolls[/card] play differently as a commander than [card]Lady Caleria[/card] or [card]Lady Sun[/card]? I mean, besides the fact that they all incorporate the honorific ‘lady’ into their title and while fictional possess two x-chromosomes?

Of course they do. It’s about knowing and understanding your general’s strengths and motivations.

Allow …

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Aug 14 2015

Your Guide to Control in EDH, Part 3: Win Conditions

I’m back for the third and final segment of this comprehensive guide for Control Players in EDH. After talking about the third column of any Control player’s strategy, I’ll go back and review and conclude some things about the Control playstyle as it applies to the EDH table.

The Ways to Win

This column has …

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Aug 13 2015

Your Guide to Control in EDH, Part 2: Answers

We’re back, folks, and this part of my Guide to Control in EDH will talk about answers, perhaps the most critical component to Control decks in general and a large component of any kind of EDH deck. See the end of this article to move to the third and final part of this guide.

The …

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Aug 13 2015

Your Guide to Control in EDH, Part 1: Threat Assessment

I’ve seen a few posts and comments around the EDH subreddit asking for advice in building and playing control in this format, and, since I seem to pilot a majority of decks that are classified as control, I decided to take a stab at talking about it.

Note: A couple thousand words in, I realized …

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Aug 09 2015

Gettin’ Froggy With It – Frogs on the EDH Battlefield

The premise and design of Magic the Gathering™ is that each player is a planeswalker that can summon fantastical beasts and creatures to fight for them. In a magical world of Dragons, Goblins, and Zombies there’s just something about a frog that makes me chuckle. One player summons a large, fire breathing dragon that scorches …

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