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Category: Limited

Amonkhet 2-Headed Giant Prerelease

I had a pretty busy weekend, but I was going to try as hard as I could to attend a Prerelease somewhere. Halfway through the week I had made plans with some friends to go camping Friday night – buy complete AR-15 rifles, which ruled out a midnight event. I wanted to attend a single …

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A First Look at Amonkhet

Hey guys! The last few weeks have been pretty busy with stuff like work and “Real-Life” Magic, but I saw the news from Wizards giving us an early look at Amonkhet with our first (official) spoiler cards. In case you haven’t seen it yet, the link is here. I’ll go ahead and give you a …

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Aether Revolt Draft #1

Mike walks you through an Aether Revolt Swiss Draft League from start to finish. Join Mike by watching the actual online draft (video below) and see how he fares in 3 competitive matchups! Listed Below is the Blue/Red Decklist highlighting the 40 card limited deck he was playing.

For more MTGO Limited videos, MIke Jardine …

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Improve Your Draft Decks: Aether Revolt Edition

Booster Draft is an immensely popular Limited format in which usually 8 players take turns selecting a card out of a booster pack and passing that pack along until all cards from 24 packs have been chosen. If you’ve been playing Magic for any amount of time, chances are good you’ve done a draft at …

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Eternal Masters Draft – UW Flyer Control

I usually don’t play a lot of limited. I try to concentrate my time on EDH/Commander and make it a point to attend the pre-release events held at my local game stores. With that being said, I could not pass on an opportunity to crack packs and draft Eternal Masters. I nod my head and …

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M15 Prerelease Results – Red/Blue? But I Picked Green!

After missing the Journey Into Nyx prerelease, there was no way I was going to miss the M15 core set event. Pre-releases are one of the few events that I really enjoy outside of Commander/EDH. Prior to missing the JOU release, I have had some really great finishes… 11th at Born of the Gods, 4th …

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MTG Madness Grand Prix Vienna 2014 – Jeremy Dezani Sealed Decklist

March 21st – 23rd spotlighted Magic the Gathering’s™ Grand Prix in Vienna, Austria with 1,208 participants. This Grand Prix was a Theros/Born of the Gods Sealed event that saw MTG Madness star Jérémy Dezani smash through opponents to an undefeated 9-0 Day 1 and claim a 2nd Place finish at Grand Prix Vienna.

Jérémy played …

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Windmill Slam Speedy Minotaurs MTGO Draft Video

Making decisions under pressure is key in all facets of life, and Magic is no different. This week, the guys celebrate passing 100 youtube subscribers by doing a draft in true windmill slam fashion: 3 seconds per pick. Can they stand up to the pressure? Can they make complicated decisions in an extremely short amount …

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Born of the Gods MTGO Draft Video

The introduction of a new draft format is an exciting time for everyone, and Born of the Gods is no exception. Just when we were fully comfortable in Theros, we get an injection of some much needed spice. Red’s a lot stronger this time around, but will that be enough to push it into being …

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MTGO Cube Draft #2 – Sleepy Draft

Cube Draft #2 – Sleepy Draft

There are lots of things that shouldn’t be done if you haven’t gotten enough sleep. Taking pain medication, operating heavy machinery and drafting the MTGO Cube to name a few. This week, Oisin and Denis throw caution to the wind and start their draft after not sleeping the night …

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