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Category: Modern Decks

Yogurt Decks – 8 Rack

Perhaps you’ve noticed by now, I’m a bit of a janky combo builder. So I was thrilled to watch the streaming coverage of Pro Tour Valencia, and see that the (at least temporary) death of Jund, and the associated relative absence of and , resulted in a massive surge of combo decks. And all of …

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Yogurt Decks – Zoo

Let’s get topical, everybody!

As you probably know, this month saw a round of new bannings and unbannings in Modern. And among the unbanned was our good friend . For those of you who don’t remember a time when Wild Nacatl was the centerpiece of a deck, you’ll be glad to know it enables an …

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Yogurt Decks – Glittering Glare

When Born of the Gods spoilers started rolling in, and the Inspired mechanic was revealed to the public, the first thought I had was of an deck. I saw and thought to myself, “if a couple more Inspired cards of that caliber are in the set, I’m gonna have to put that deck together.”

Then …

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Yogurt Decks – Death and Taxes

Let’s talk a little more about Legacy. I don’t know if you know this, but Legacy is where budget decks go to… well, not die exactly. I mean, if you’re slowly consumed by a speculator-driven price machine, and your physical form is conscripted into service while some small part of your mind is allowed to …

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Yogurt Decks – Troll Worship

Why else might you want to substitute out cards or strategies? We’ve covered restrictions of budget and format, but there’s another reason you might not want to play an established decklist: because people know it’s coming.

Let’s talk about Bogles.

For a brief window, about this time last year, it looked like hexproof and auras …

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After seeing Dan’s Tron deck I figured I would throw mine on the table as well. Much like Dan I did not feel the desire to run the same fare as the other Tron decks, though I did want to use creatures. I knew that I wanted to use somethink in the to range …

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Yogurt Decks – Hunted Orb

We’ve talked so far about creating budget substitutions for existing Modern archetypes. However, budgets aren’t the only thing that limits the available card pool from which you build your decks. Different formats will limit your choices, and force you into finding substitutions for various cards and combos. So today we’re going to import a Legacy …

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Modern Elf Warrior

I took a break from EDH for a little while, and started playing around with the modern format. Pod and Tron are really strong but, to me at least, kind of sucked the fun out of my local play group. So I began looking at what I had laying around and realized I have a …

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Yogurt Decks – UrzaTron

UrzaTron, UrzaTron. As we mentioned last time, one of three decks that collectively make up a full third of the Modern metagame. Of course, being a competitive deck, it costs a fortune. It runs , , , and a fair number of mid-price cards like , , , and besides. If that’s the support structure, …

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Yogurt Decks – Melira Pod

What’s going on with Melira Pod? Seriously, now… this is a thoroughly competitive deck by any estimation; it wins tournaments left and right, it gets netdecked at FNMs across the country, and is one of three decks that collectively make up a full third of the Modern metagame (alongside Jund and UrzaTron). But the core …

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