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Nov 12 2015

Multiplayer Madness 26 – Commander 2015, Part 1

Welcome, dear readers, to the column that’s all things multiplayer here on MtGCasualPlay.com!

As the title may suggest (and very subtly at that!), Commander 2015 is going to be today’s topic, with the colors white and green in particular. Blue and black will follow in part 2 while part 3 will be dealing with …

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Jul 19 2014

Multiplayer Madness VII – My Personal JOURNEY INTO NYX Top 10 Multiplayer Cards

Hey everybody, welcome back to Multiplayer Madness!

This article concludes my series of reviews about Theros block with its final set, Journey into Nyx. For my thoughts on Theros and Born of the Gods, click here and here. Please take into consideration that all I said there and will say here is just my own …

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Jul 13 2014

Multiplayer Madness VI – My Personal BORN OF THE GODS Top 10 Multiplayer Cards

Hey all, welcome back to another edition of Multiplayer Madness!

Sorry for being more or less completely absent for the last four or five weeks but I had a lot of work on my plate that needed to be done. And as a freelancer, I won’t complain if larger projects come my way. Now I’m …

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Jul 12 2014

Yogurt Decks – Storm

Storm, storm, storm. I’m legally obligated to say it three times, because that’s pretty much the whole idea of the deck, isn’t it? You take your spell, you cast, cast, cast, you draw, draw, draw, and if your opponent doesn’t have an answer, you win in one move. It’s unfair, it’s often non-interactive, and it …

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May 14 2014

Yogurt Decks – Balance Combo

Today we’re going to do something different. Instead of taking a deck and creating a budget version, we’re going to take two decks, introduce them to each other, put some smooth jazz on, and see if they don’t get together and make a little deck baby. Like most of my columns, the experience will probably …

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Mar 08 2014

Prossh Dragon Tribal EDH Deck with Tokens


Hey there! This is my work in progress for Prossh Dragon Tribal with Tokens. This includes the new cards from Dragons of Tarkir.

What dragons am I missing? What do you recommend I add or change?

Please comment on the reddit post or down below for suggestions or thoughts. Once I have …

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