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Feb 17 2014

Windmill Slam

MTGO Cube Draft #2 – Sleepy Draft

Cube Draft #2 – Sleepy Draft

There are lots of things that shouldn’t be done if you haven’t gotten enough sleep. Taking pain medication, operating heavy machinery and drafting the MTGO Cube to name a few. This week, Oisin and Denis throw caution to the wind and start their draft after not sleeping the night before…… at 6AM. Can they both stay concious throughout all three rounds? Stay tuned to find out! (Spoilers: No. No they can’t)

Round 1 – U/G Sleepy Deck vs White/Blue/Black

The guys take their deck into round 1!

Round 2 – U/G Sleepy Deck vs White/Red/Green

Round 2 is starting, but uh oh, Oisin’s nodding off! Can the guys make it to the end…

Round 3 – U/G Sleepy Deck vs Blue/Black/Red

Can Denis functionally play Magic with Oisin snoring in his ear throughout the finals? Watch to find out!

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Windmill Slam You Tube ChannelIf you liked these videos, be sure to check out the Denis & Oisín YouTube channel, Windmill Slam, for what you’ve seen here and more: YouTube – Windmill Slam

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We are two Irish college students who are avid fans of MTG and try to post draft or constructed videos on a weekly basis. Stay tuned! ---Denis & Oisín
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