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Oct 04 2013

Reaper Demon Fun Stuff

Talk about rebuild, after rebuild, after rebuild. This deck went through a great deal of changes to get here. I started out looking to use [card]Deathrite Shaman[/card] and [card]Agent of the Fates[/card] to win, but playing through it it just was not there. I do have a nifty idea for a deck utilizing those cards though! Anyway back to this deck. I started looking at the Metagame now and thought about the fact that it will start to stretch out to more Midrange soon, and decided I wanted to build a deck that could come out strong and stay strong throughout the match. Thus, it is all about the curve. This deck curves out like crazy and offers me a great deal of options to plug holes in the curve at any point.

[deck title= Reaper Demon Fun Stuff]


*4 Reaper of the Wilds

*4 Scavenging Ooze

*3 Lotleth Troll

*4 Desecration Demon

*3 Vastwood Hydra

*3 Corpsejack Menace

*4 Mistcutter Hydra



*3 Abrupt Decay

*4 Golgari Charm

*4 Putrefy



*2 Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx

*4 Overgrown Tomb

*10 Forest

*8 Swamps





[card]Lotleth Troll[/card] and [card]Scavenging Ooze[/card] start my curve, then I can quickly turn into either of the hydras, after that [card]Desecration Demon[/card] , and then a turn 6 [card]Reaper of the Wilds[/card]. I really like having the oozes in this deck because of how versatile they are. The real fun starts when [card]Corpsejack Menace[/card] comes out to play. He makes the hydras achieve some true value, and helps demon get big fast. With all the new artifacts and enchantments in the {3} cost range out of Theros cards like [card]Abrupt Decay[/card] become essential for keeping the game in your favor.

Deck Stats

Average mana cost: 2.61

{G} symbols – 35

{B} symbols – 29

Curve by cost 

{1} – 4

{2} – 17

{3} – 4

{4} – 11

{X} – 7

Card Types

Creature : 25

Spell : 11

Land : 24


Side Notes:

I am considering running a few copies of [card]Bioshift[/card]  in this, just have not decided what I would cut out.


The best opening hand I have had so far was: [card]Overgrown Tomb[/card], [card]Forest[/card], [card]Swamp[/card], [card]Abrupt Decay[/card], [card]Scavenging Ooze[/card],[card]Desecration Demon[/card], and [card]Mistcutter Hydra[/card]



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