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Aug 30 2013

Standard (for now) Newt Combo

When the M14 spoilers started rolling out one thing really caught my eye; The [card]Festering Newt[/card] combo engine. I found it particularly interesting that Magic: was giving such a blatant combo engine to us wrapped neatly in a core set. The more I thought about it though, the more I saw that this combo would take a great deal of work and the right deck synergy to make it a true threat. As I started playing around with ways to use the combo, and how to make sure I could utilize all three of the cards involved, it became apparent that I would need re-usability out of every card I played in the deck. So this is what I came up with:

[card]Festering Newt[/card] x4

[card]Blood Artist[/card] x4

[card]Butcher Ghoul[/card] x4

[card]Gnawing Zombie[/card] x4

[card]Xathrid Necromancer[/card] x4

[card]Bogbrew Witch[/card] x4

[card]Elixir of Immortality[/card] x2

[card]Vile Rebirth[/card] x3

[card]Bubbling Cauldron[/card] x3

[card]Immortal Servitude[/card] x2

[card]Doom Blade[/card] x4

[card]Swamp[/card] x22



Elixir and Servitude give me a constant reset option, and allow for the game to prolong a bit. I have considered throwing [card]Deathrite Shaman[/card] into this deck for the life gain option, but it doest really seem worth the slot. As I worked more and more with the combo zombies seemed to be a natural fit, thus the choices of the zombie cards. That’s all I have for now, let me know what you think!

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