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Jul 19 2014

Multiplayer Madness VII – My Personal JOURNEY INTO NYX Top 10 Multiplayer Cards

Hey everybody, welcome back to Multiplayer Madness!

This article concludes my series of reviews about Theros block with its final set, Journey into Nyx. For my thoughts on Theros and Born of the Gods, click here and here. Please take into consideration that all I said there and will say here is just my own …

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Jul 13 2014

Multiplayer Madness VI – My Personal BORN OF THE GODS Top 10 Multiplayer Cards

Hey all, welcome back to another edition of Multiplayer Madness!

Sorry for being more or less completely absent for the last four or five weeks but I had a lot of work on my plate that needed to be done. And as a freelancer, I won’t complain if larger projects come my way. Now I’m …

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Feb 15 2014

Top 10 Born of the Gods Cards for EDH

Prepare for an in-depth review of my biased opinion on the Top 10 EDH cards from Born of the Gods. This set was a bit strange for me. I really did not have a clear cut order when ranking the cards in my top ten list. Even though I stuck with the format and …

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Feb 07 2014

Born of the Gods Prerelease Review – White/Blue Sealed Deck

Magic the Gathering™ pre-release events have always been a favorite of mine and are currently one of the few Magic events I attend outside of Commander and the occasional booster draft. I have had some really great luck at the last three prereleases finishing 4-1 (4th Place) for Theros, 4-1 (3rd Place) for M14 and …

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Jan 28 2014

Standard BOTG Top 10

1. This guy is going to break standard. Mono white, WU Heroic, Junk/Naya Auras, and Naya Midrange are all viable and strong with this guy at the helm. While most people are talking about his ability giving him the serious power I think it really comes down to Vigilance. The fact that he can attack …

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