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Tag: commander gameplay

Commander Gameplay Video – Kaalia vs Rakdos vs Athreos

On our MTG Casual Play You Tube Channel, we turn to a friendly game of EDH Commander. In this episode of “Two Bald Guys play Magic” Wally D. (me) and Rude Dawg (Tom) host a Free for All matchup that pits vs vs . I was piloting my revised Kaalia list, Rude Dawg with Rakdos …

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Ancestral Recall of EDH Gameplay Moments

Prepare for a bubbling overflow of thoughts. I will warn you in advance that some of the words I will be stringing together may make as much sense as brushing your teeth before you eat, for that I apologize. What’s wrong, you ask? Writers Block. I have that blip in the brain that struggles for …

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