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Jun 30 2016

The Modern Learning Curve: Burn

The Modern Learning Curve: Burn

Welcome Back to the Modern Learning Curve! The continued mission of this series is to provide players with an affordable window into the format that can be sleeved up for your first trip to a local game shop’s modern night and upgraded to a consistently competitive build. This week we …

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Oct 13 2015

Ugin’s Insight 2 – Korlash, Heir to Blackblade EDH Deck

Hello readers welcome back to the second installment of Ugin’s Insight! This is the new article series that features YOU and YOUR EDH deck in an interview style format. If you would like to have your deck featured on Ugin’s Insight, it’s easy! Simply go to the MagicEDH.com EDH Deck Interview Page and fill out …

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Jul 23 2015

A Casual Guide to Generals: Part 7

Sorry about the delay in getting Part 7 up and written. Turns out retraining professionally can really cut into your free time! Anyway, this 7th part of this series will take a look at the first set of mono black generals that are legal for use as the general of your EDH deck, and attempt …

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Dec 11 2013

Shirei, Shizo’s Caretaker, Queen of Mono-Black Synergy

Hello to all! My name is Jared Smith, and I have just been given a volunteer writing position here at mtgcasualplay and I figure my first article should be a little bit of background about myself. I am eighteen years old, still currently in high school (so I’m on a part time job budget), …

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Jun 24 2013

Chainer, Dementia Master – Mono Black EDH Deck

UPDATED: February 2014

A few months ago, I realized that my Monster binder had an overabundance of Black MTG cards. My “extras” caught my attention as fun cards that did not have an EDH deck to call home. Sacrifice effects, Reanimation, and Graveyard manipulation, hmmm, sounds like good times. After the initial chaos of …

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