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The Modern Learning Curve: Zombie Hunt

The Modern Learning Curve: Zombie Hunt (This article has been edited since its initial publication, most notably the sideboards for our stage 2 and 3 build. Thank you MTGAmino user Rectcarahc Eman for the suggestions)

Welcome back to The Modern Learning Curve! The goal of this ongoing series is to introduce players to the …

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Multiplayer Madness XVI – We’re Attacking Left Again!

Hey people.

I haven’t written in a long time for personal reasons. You see, at the beginning of December last year, my dear mother passed away after twelve years of exhausting struggle against cancer. The final diagnosis was startling in its inevitability, and only two weeks after it, my mom died in a hospital bed.

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Uncommon Sense: Ashes to Ashes

Welcome back, friends. I know I’ve been lax lately in my quest to bring you the best of hidden gems, buried treasure and forgotten pirate gold that is Uncommon Sense – if you need a target for your ire, please direct all complaints to my five-week-old son, who will be happy to address your concerns …

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Multiplayer Madness XIV – Brewing with the Khans

Whew, Khans of Tarkir has finally been released and I have to say that I’m quite happy with the set. I’ve already ordered quite a few cards, either for decks I already have or for ones I want to build. That said, why don’t I show you two of these decks? Let’s jump right into …

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Multiplayer Madness II – It’s Kinda Wurm in Here…

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the realm of multiplayer goodness!

Before I come to the meat of this article, there is something I would like to clarify:

The decks I’m going to show you are my own, meaning that if I don’t own a certain card, you won’t find it in …

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DIGG Reader Tutorial for MTG Articles

Before we get into the main intent of this post, I would like it to be known that so far in my Web Design career my knowledge of YouTube and recording video content is quite primitive. I have finally decided to “go-for-it” and created the MTG Casual Play You Tube Channel and uploaded my …

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Glaring Spotlight Volume 2 – Dawn Charm

GLARING SPOTLIGHT is a Magic the Gathering™ column featuring a card that may have gone over-looked during the the building of your EDH Commander deck. Today we discuss .

CARD: Dawn Charm TYPE: Instant CASTING COST: EXPANSION: Planar Chaos – Common Card Text: Choose one — Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt …

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