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Sep 30 2014

Uncommon Sense – Burnished Hart

Welcome back to Uncommon Sense! I’m excited today to be talking about not just a great uncommon but a great card, a real stand-out among utility creatures – the ! One of my personal favourite cards from Theros block, and in fact one of my all-time top cards, the poor unfortunate Hart gets nowhere near …

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Jul 19 2014

Multiplayer Madness VII – My Personal JOURNEY INTO NYX Top 10 Multiplayer Cards

Hey everybody, welcome back to Multiplayer Madness!

This article concludes my series of reviews about Theros block with its final set, Journey into Nyx. For my thoughts on Theros and Born of the Gods, click here and here. Please take into consideration that all I said there and will say here is just my own …

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Jul 13 2014

Multiplayer Madness VI – My Personal BORN OF THE GODS Top 10 Multiplayer Cards

Hey all, welcome back to another edition of Multiplayer Madness!

Sorry for being more or less completely absent for the last four or five weeks but I had a lot of work on my plate that needed to be done. And as a freelancer, I won’t complain if larger projects come my way. Now I’m …

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Jun 07 2014

Multiplayer Madness V – My Personal THEROS Top 10 Multiplayer Cards

Hello everybody! I’m glad you’re back!

I always love Spoiler Season. As soon as the spoilers start, I am usually glued to my computer, excited and a bit nervous as well. I know there will always be cards I want to have as soon as possible, but what about the overall set? Will it be …

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May 19 2014

Multiplayer Madness III – The God of the Graves

Hey everybody!

This is Kuchisama again, hoping to delight you with another fun multiplayer deck! Last time, we looked at my / deck, being a bit on the aggro side. Today, we’ll head out into control territory.

But first, something I’d like to talk about a bit.

Commander – The Social Contract

Last Tuesday, in …

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Sep 24 2013

My Pics For Top 10 EDH Cards From Theros

I think that it is usually a good idea to have multiple views on the same topic, so I decided to follow up on Wally’s article with my own picks for the top EDH cards out of Theros. I think that it is important for people to understand just how much individuality there is in …

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