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Jan 31 2014

Theros Booster Draft Video – UG Big and Sneaky

Draft #4. Back to their normal recording conditions, the boys go full on tempo in a Theros draft. Mixing the card advantage and evasion of blue with the beefiness of green, they try to run their opponents over before they know what hit them. Blue/Green is a famous color combination for covering its weaknesses. Green’s lack of interaction is lessened by Blue’s tempo and countermagic, and Blue’s measly creatures are made up for with Green’s beasts. This episode also features an accidental cameo from Oisin’s dog, Charlie.

Theros Booster Draft and Commentary

[deck title=Blue/Green, Big and Sneaky]
*1 Sedge Scorpion
*2 Omenspeaker
*2 Nimbus Naiad
*3 Agent of Horizons
*1 Thassa’s Emissary
*1 Staunch-Hearted Warrior
*1 Nylea’s Disciple
*1 Horizon Chimera
*2 Prescient Chimera
*1 Sealock Monster
*1 Vulpine Goliath

*1 Voyage’s End
*2 Savage Surge
*1 Time to Feed
*1 Griptide

*1 Ordeal of Thassa

*9 Island
*9 Forest

Round 1 – U/G Big and Sneaky {UG} vs Black/Red {BR}

Round 2 – U/G Big and Sneaky {UG} White/Black/Red {WBR}

Round 3 – U/G Big and Sneaky {UG} vs White/Green {WG}

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