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Jan 20 2014

Theros Booster Draft Video – Anything But Green/Black!

Draft #2: Picking your colours in a draft is one of the most intricate and hotly debated aspects of the game. How long you should stay open, how much stake you should put into signals and when it’s too late to switch are all different for every Magic player, and dictate their skill and play style.

This week, Denis and Oisin debate on their colours for a long time before finally settling, but did they give up too much power by staying open for too long? Find out below.

Theros Booster Draft and Commentary

[Deck title=Anything But Green/Black! Theros Booster Draft Decklist]
*2 Sedge Scorpion
*1 Felhide Minotaur
*1 Nessian Courser
*1 Disciple of Phenax
*2 Nylea’s Disciple
*1 Reaper of the Wilds
*1 Gray Merchant of Asphodel
*1 Nessian Asp
*1 Pheres-Band Centaurs
*1 Nemesis of Mortals
*1 Vulpine Goliath

[Bestow Creatures]
*1 Leafcrown Dryad
*1 Erebos’s Emissary
[/Bestow Creatures]

*1 Nylea’s Presence
*1 Ordeal of Erebos
*1 Feral Invocation

*1 Boon of Erebos
*1 Read the Bones
*2 Lash of the Whip
*1 Sip of Hemlock

*9 Forest
*8 Swamp

Round 1 – Green/Black {GB} vs White/Green/Red {WGR}

Round 2 – Green/Black {GB} vs White/Blue {WU}

Round 3 – Mirror Match Green/Black {GB} vs Green/Black {GB}

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