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Jan 16 2014

Windmill Slam

Theros Booster Draft Video – U/R Tempo Decklist

Draft #1: Theros is starting to lose its relevance. With Born of the Gods around the corner, people seem to have lost love for the newest enchantment-based format,but everyone seems to be forgetting that Theros isn’t going anywhere. Once BNG drops, we’ll still have a draft format that is 2/3 Theros, and maintaining a solid basis in the set is gonna be key for months to come.

With this in mind, Denis and Oisin decide to venture back into Theros’ Voltron-y depths and emerge on the other side with a pretty reasonable Blue/Red tempo deck, but will it be enough to carry them to victory?

Theros Booster Draft and Commentary

Round 1 – U/R Tempo vs Black/Green

Round 2 – U/R Tempo vs Red/Green

Round 3 – U/R Tempo vs Blue/Black

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We are two Irish college students who are avid fans of MTG and try to post draft or constructed videos on a weekly basis. Stay tuned! ---Denis & Oisín
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