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Jan 27 2014

Windmill Slam

Theros Booster Draft Video – Black/Red Hold the Minotaur

Draft #3: Black/Red is typically a tempo-based color pairing, focusing on getting your opponent’s creatures out of the way and bashing in with yours. They generally have the lion’s share of the removal within a set, but how does this function in Theros, a set with famously sketchy removal? It turns out the deck turns more into a midrange beat-down strategy. You’d expect the deck to be packed to the gills with minotaurs, but it turns out they’re not necessarily a huge part of the strategy. With this in mind, lets see how Denis and Oisin pilot it in this week’s episode of Windmill Slam.

Theros Booster Draft and Commentary

Round 1 – B/R Hold the Minotaur vs White/Green

Round 2 – B/R Hold the Minotaur Red/Green

Round 3 – B/R Hold the Minotaur vs White/Black

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