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Jan 23 2015

Uncommon Sense – Goblin Matron

Welcome back, one and all. Today’s spotlight is on an efficient creature tutor that can easily and cheaply pull up a combo piece, haste granter, land destruction, team-wide buff or force multiplier…and it’s in red!



Not known for its tutors, and especially not for efficient tutors, red is the easiest colour with which to burn through a hand quickly and resort to topdecking. While it seems that red is getting more and more draw engines (albeit severely handicapped ones usually based in discard-and-draw or topdeck exiling) in recent years, tutoring is an area in which the colour is still lacking. [card]Goblin Matron[/card] is here to solve your woes!

On first glance, I admit, the impact doesn’t seem that powerful. Sure you can search up a card, but with a severe limitation – goblins only. If you’re not running tribal, it seems a little underpowered, but luckily goblins have been running around making the world of Magic a slightly smellier place for long enough that they’ve learned a whole bundle of useful skills. You may not think it to look at them, but the green-skinned little buggers are actually extremely versatile utility cards in their own right;

Attacking into a token swarm? [card]Legion Loyalist[/card] has your back.

Playing Izzet-style spellslinger? Let [card]Goblin Electromancer[/card] lighten your load or [card]Guttersnipe[/card] add a little extra juice to your burn.

Alpha-striking with your Mardu monsters? [card]Ankle Shanker[/card] leads the way!

Not sure if your opponent is about to Morph a [card]Willbender[/card] or if that Manfiested card is an ambush waiting to happen? Call on [card]Nosy Goblin[/card] to uncover the mystery.

Need an army in a hurry? [card]Siege-Gang Commander[/card] brings his boys out to play.

Want to bounce that [card]Blightsteel Colossus[/card] before it stomps your pretty little face into paste? [card]Stingscourger[/card] sends it packing.

[card]Krenko, Mob Boss[/card] loves his matron, allowing him to find his pump effects from [card]Goblin King[/card] and his ilk. [card]Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker[/card] absolutely adores being able to copy the Matron to find any goblin he wants, every turn. Even in a non-tribal deck, turning a pack of weak creatures into a toolbox to fit practically any need is a powerful advantage, and all the better in red. Given the vast amount of abilities appearing on goblin cards over the years, the matron (along with her slightly less potent friend [card]Goblin Recruiter[/card]) can solve almost any problem for a low, low three mana.

Give her a little love, people, and her surprisingly versatile tribe will help you out of many a jam. Remember – a goblin is for as long as you need it before feeding it to [card]Attrition[/card], not just for Christmas.



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  1. Wally D.

    Great read Tom! It’s funny that you post an article on [card]Goblin Matron[/card]. I just rebuilt my MTGO version of Purphoros last week and included the Matron so I could tutor for Krenko or Siege-Commander.

    In Purphoros, casting Matron into [card]Siege-Gang Commander[/card] could very well end a game.

    I’m trying to find a spot for her in my paper version of Purphoros too… but it is a tight list.

    Sidenote… [card]Stingscourger[/card]… I have to try and cram this dude in a deck somewhere too. Will definitely go into Alesha Tiny Leaders – for sure.

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