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Jan 22 2012

U/W Humans Standard

U/W Humans Standard

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So this is my second official standard deck since the Invasion Block.  I have to admit that my G/W Human deck suffered it’s demise so I could piece together U/W and utilize [card]Geist, of Saint Traft[/card].  As of February 2012, it seems that Blue / White are the majority of standard decks.  The most popular being U/W Delver, U/W Humans and U/W Blade.   Since I had most of the cards for humans, that’s what we went with.

Currently the differences between my version of U/W Humans and a lot of the decks being used in tournaments are a few cards.  Most notably, I went with 4 of [card]Gideon’s Lawkeeper[/card] over [card]Champion of the Parish[/card].  While C of P is a great card played on turn 1, I feel that he is more of a dead card in the mid to late game.  Gideon’s Lawkeeper on the other hand can account for my third option of removal by holding 1 white mana open at all times.  The second noticeable difference is in the 2 drop spot – [card]Elite Inquisitor[/card].  What’s not to like about EQ?  He has a 2 casting cost, first strike and vigilance.  In addition, he can block Black’s new toys from Dark Ascension [card]Geralf’s Messenger[/card] and [card]Gravecrawler[/card] and can sneak by Red’s [card]Stromkirk Noble[/card] everytime (but unfortunately, he cannot block the Stromkirk).

So here it is:  U/W Humans with Mana Leaks and Geist.  Good times ahead!


[deck title= U/W Humans]


*4 Doomed Traveler
*4 Gideon’s Lawkeeper
*3 Elite Inquisitor
*2 Grand Abolisher
*3 Fiend Hunter
*4 Mirran Crusader
*2 Geist of Saint Traft
*2 Hero of Bladehold
*4 Mana Leak
*4 Honor of the Pure
*3 Angelic Destiny
*3 Oblivion Ring
*4 Glacial Fortress
*3 Moorland Haunt
*4 Seachrome Coast
*1 Evolving Wilds
*8 Plains
*2 Island
*4 Fiend Hunter
*2 Oblivion Ring
*3 Revoke Existence
*2 Sword of Body and Mind
*2 Phyrexian Metamorph
*2 Ratchet Bomb
*4 Leonin Relic-Warder

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