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Mar 01 2014

Windmill Slam Speedy Minotaurs MTGO Draft Video

Making decisions under pressure is key in all facets of life, and Magic is no different. This week, the guys celebrate passing 100 youtube subscribers by doing a draft in true windmill slam fashion: 3 seconds per pick. Can they stand up to the pressure? Can they make complicated decisions in an extremely short amount of time? Can they avoid making fools of themselves?

No, no and no. But hopefully the ride’s entertaining.

With special guest Rob, Oisin and Denis commemorate their passing of 100 Subscribers by doing a true windmill slam draft – 3 seconds per pick. Can they stand up to the pressure?

[deck title=Born of the Gods Windmill Slam Speed Draft]
*2 Deathbellow Raider
*1 Impetuous Sunchaser
*1 Felhide Minotaur
*1 Agent of the Fates
*1 Flamespeaker Adept
*1 Kragma Butcher
*1 Minotaur Skullcleaver
*1 Two-Headed Cerberus
*1 Ragemonger
*1 Borderland Minotaur
*1 Stoneshock Giant

[Bestow Creatures]
*1 Nyxborn Rollicker
*1 Nyxborn Eidolon
*1 Baleful Eidolon
*1 Spearpoint Oread
[/Bestow Creatures]

*1 Fearsome Temper

*1 Boon of Erebos
*1 Coordinated Assault
*1 Titan’s Strength
*1 Rise to the Challenge
*1 Rage of Purphoros
*1 Pinnacle of Rage

*10 Mountain
*7 Swamp


Round 1 – Red/Black Speedy Minotaurs {RB} vs White/Black {WB}

The guys take their speed drafted deck into round 1. Let’s see how they do!

Round 2 – Red/Black Speedy Minotaurs {RB} vs BYE

Round 3 – Red/Black Speedy Minotaurs {RB} vs White/Blue/Green {WBG}

Following a bye in round 2, the guys get to try their deck out one more time.

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